STEM Sudan

As part of its scientific collaboration with the Sudanese National Academy of Sciences, STEM Sudan orchestrates a range of theoretical and practical initiatives tailored for displaced Sudanese families residing in the Republic of Egypt.

Under the banner of the ‘Initiative for Disseminating and Simplifying Science,’ STEM Sudan embarks on a series of engagements in Cairo aimed at families, children, and youth, as part of its mission to advance science and technology literacy. These initiatives encompass educational programs focusing on energy and the environment, designed to enhance the competencies of young individuals in professional domains and scientific research realms.

Additionally, the activities encompass therapeutic sessions and parental gatherings geared towards addressing and alleviating the psychological impacts of displacement stemming from the conflict in Sudan. Through these multifaceted endeavors, STEM Sudan endeavors to empower and support displaced Sudanese communities, fostering resilience and knowledge enrichment amidst challenging circumstances.