The Sudanese National Academy of Sciences

Non-governmental organisation founded in August 2005


The inception of the Academy traces back to August 2005 when a cadre of Sudanese scientists, including luminaries Ahmed Mohamed El Hassan and Muntaser Ibrahim, came together to establish it. Initially helmed by Ahmed Mohamed El Hassan as its Founding President, the reins were later passed on to Mohamed Hag Ali Hassan, a distinguished figure who not only co-founded several scientific councils; but also holds the prestigious position of President at The World Academy of Sciences. As of April 2023, SNAS’s leadership includes Muntasir Ibrahim as Vice President, Nimir Elbashir as Secretary General, Suad Sulaiman as Treasurer and Elrasheid Modawi as Executive Secretary


Objectives and Endeavors:
SNAS stands as an autonomous nonprofit entity comprising eminent Sudanese scientists from both domestic and international realms, with select foreign scientists serving as invited members. While its headquarters currently reside at 2 offices in  Khartoum, SNAS is hailed as Sudan’s preeminent academic institution, dedicated to bolstering and championing scientific research and innovation within the nation.

The Academy’s overarching goals encompass elevating the caliber of theoretical and applied research in Sudan, alongside establishing a national observatory dedicated to science, technology, and innovation. SNAS actively engages in a spectrum of activities, ranging from hosting workshops and training sessions aimed at fortifying the country’s scientific infrastructure to spearheading initiatives like capacity building for the national observatory and monitoring science, technology, and innovation indicators.

Noteworthy achievements include the completion of a significant science-based project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), focusing on Groundnuts and Aflatoxin Science in Gold Mining in Sudan. Moreover, SNAS plays a pivotal role in fostering scientific discourse through events like Sudan Week and collaborative efforts such as the 3rd Community Lecture organized in conjunction with the Khartoum Institute for Scientific Research.

Amidst Sudan’s ongoing violent conflict since 15th April 2023, SNAS issued a heartfelt plea to global academic institutions on 21st  September 2023, urging support for university faculty and students displaced by the strife. Describing the situation as critical, with over 100 universities and research centers ravaged, SNAS implored colleagues worldwide to extend admissions to Sudanese academics and students while seeking contributions to facilitate the rebuilding of war-torn facilities. The recovery process is anticipated to span at least five years, with many for academics and students dispersed in regions lacking modern communication infrastructure.

 Many international agencies and institutions have expressed solidarity with SNAS’s plea waiting for the war to end soon.

Founding Members

Ahmed Mohamed El Hassan
"1930- 2022"
Muntaser Eltayeb Ibrahim
Professor of Molecular Biology
Suad Mohamed Sulaiman
Professor of Prasitology
Ali Mohamed Abdulmajid
Veterinary, Parasitologist
ElSheikh M. Elsheikh
Professor of Physics

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