21 April

Dr. Faisal Abdalla Sinada

Share: Dr. Faisal Abdalla Sinada is an accomplished academic and researcher with extensive experience in botany, ecology, and environmental science. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Dundee, UK, and has served in various academic positions, including Associate Professor at the University of Khartoum and Assistant Professor at the University of Um Alqura, Kingdom …

21 April

Professor Yahia Mohamed Elkheir Nugod

Share: Professor Yahia Mohamed ElKheir, born on December 27, 1938, was a pioneering pharmacognosist and a revered figure in medicinal plant research. His academic journey commenced at Alexandria University, where he graduated with First Class Honors in Pharmacy in 1962. He later earned a Master’s degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Khartoum in …