SNAS Membership Criteria

Classes of SNAS membership have been defined broadly in SNAS Constitution. They include: Full Associate and Honorary memberships. SNAS Fellows and Corresponding Members for individuals living abroad. What SNAS requires now is how to select or elect members and fellows.

Election or selection to full membership in SNAS should be considered one of the highest honors that can be accorded a Sudanese scientist. If this is going to be the case, candidates for SNAS membership should be judged primarily on the

Evidence of their published scientific work, and by peer review of scientists who are eminent in the candidates field of expertise.

The following regarding membership of SNAS:

  • The gold standard of membership is good record of high quality research output.
  • Those who helped in the establishment of an enabling research environment that resulted in capacity building, innovation and good research output.
  • Those who addressed major social, economic, scientific and research issues that resulted in palpable changes to the better in these areas.
  • Nomination should be by members of the Academy.


There are two types of membership: Member and Honorary member.
A Member is one who believes in the objectives of the Academy and whose membership is endorsed by the General Assembly.
The General Assembly may grant Honorary Membership to those it deems capable of contributing to the objectives of the Academy.

An Honorary Member enjoys all the rights of a Member with the exception of voting and nomination of other members.

Rights of members

Every Member has the right to vote and be nominated in any function relating to the Academy
Every Member, who paid his/her subscriptions to the Academy, has the right to vote and be nominated for and participate in functions of the Academy.

Obligations of members

  • Commitment to the objectives of the Academy
  • Commitment to settling subscriptions
  • Perform activities requested of him within the constitution

Termination of membership

Membership terminates as a result of:

  • Death
  • Resignation
  • Termination by order of the Executive Committee. The member has the right to appeal to the General Assembly

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