Professor Osman Ibrahim Osman Abdelkarim


Professor Osman Ibrahim Osman Abdelkarim is a distinguished academic with a rich background in chemistry education and research. Holding a Ph.D. from the University of Sussex, his academic journey spans from teaching assistant to full professorship at esteemed institutions like the University of Khartoum in Sudan and King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. Throughout his career, Osman has been deeply involved in academic and administrative activities, serving as department head, deputy dean, and dean at the Faculty of Science in Khartoum University. His administrative roles extend to membership in university and national committees, illustrating his commitment to advancing scientific education and research infrastructure.

In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Osman has made significant contributions to research in physical chemistry, focusing on topics like DFT using Gaussian and VASP. His research output includes numerous publications in reputable journals, covering a wide range of theoretical and applied chemistry topics. Osman’s academic contributions extend beyond research to include authoring books and book chapters, further solidifying his impact on chemistry education and scholarship in both English and Arabic-speaking contexts. His dedication to advancing knowledge and nurturing future scientists is evident through his extensive supervision of postgraduate theses and active participation in international conferences and scientific visits, showcasing his commitment to global scientific collaboration and exchange.

A list of selected publications:

  1. Photoreactivity, Optical Behavior and DFT Studies of 2, 5-Bis [4-choloro-acetyl (thiophen -2- ylmethylene)] cyclopentanone BCTCP in Different Solvents; Journal of fluorescence (2017) Volume 27 Pages 1129-1140.
  2. One-pot synthesis, physicochemical and photophysical properties of deep blue light-emitting highly fluorescent pyrene-imidazole dye: a combined experimental and theoretical study; Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry (2018) Volume 364 Pages 390-399.
  3. Cross-linked PMMA-based bifunctional amino derivatives: an experimental and DFT study; Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (2018) Volume 134 Pages 1715-1728.
  4. Impact of Hydroxylation and Hydration on the Reactivity of α‐Fe2O3 (0001) and (102) Surfaces under Environmental and Electrochemical Conditions; Advanced Energy Materials (2018) Volume 8-21 Pages 1800545
  5. One-pot multicomponent synthesis, spectroscopy, crystal structures and theoretical calculations of 3-cyano-4-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-6-phenyl-2(1H)-pyridinone and 3-Cyano-4-chlorophenyl-6-(4-tolyl)-2(1H)-pyridinone Chinese Journal of Structural Chemistry (2019) Volume 3
  6. Designed network of ternary core-shell ionic sensor; Journal of Alloys and SWCNTs nanocomposites. A Selective Fe3+ PPCOT/NiFe2O4/C Compounds (2020) Volume 834 Pages 155020.
  7. Fabrication of conductive cross‐linked polyaniline/G‐MWCNTS core‐shell nanocomposite: a selective sensor for trace determination of chlorophenol in water samples; Polymers for Advanced Technologies (2020) Volume 31-11 Pages 2615-2631.
  8. Computational Identification of Druggable Bioactive Compounds from Catharanthus roseus and Avicennia marina against Colorectal Cancer by Targeting Thymidylate Synthase; Molecules (2022) Volume 27-7 Pages 2089-2099.
  9. Zn2+-Schiff’s Base Complex as an “On–Off-On” Molecular Switch and a Fluorescence Probe for Cu2+ and Ag+ Ions, Journal of Fluorescence (2022) Volume 32-2 Pages 691- 705.
  10. Identifying novel therapeutic inhibitors to target FMS-like tyrosine kinase-3 (FLT3) against acute myeloid leukemia: a molecular docking, molecular dynamics, and DFT study; Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamic s (2023) Pages 1 19.


  1. Book in Arabic Language: Basics and Fundamentals of Chemistry: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2; Authors: Hasan, M.B.; Sabir, M. E. and Osman I. Osman; Eldar Elarabia for Publication and Distribution, First Ed. 2000.
  2. Book Chapter: Current Advances in Chemistry and Biochemistry Vol. 2 Theoretical and Computational Investigations on Gas-Phase Thermal Tautomerization of Imidazole-Acetic Acid, Saadullah G. Aziz, Osman I. Osman, Shaaban A. Elroby, and Rifaat H. Hilal; Chapter 10 Print ISBN: 978-93-90768-39-4, eBook ISBN: 978-93-90768-44-8.
  3. Chemistry 12th Edition, By Chang and Goldsby; Translated into Arabic Language: Osman Ibrahim Osman, Basmah Ghalib Alhogbi and Aieshah Mahmoud Turkestani; 1st edition 2023; ISBN:978-603- 8337-62-2.

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