This presentation contains the following in Arabic:

  • Historical background: History and emergence of environmental impact assessment
  • Legal framework for environmental impact assessment in Sudan Environmental Protection Law of 2001
  • Environmental impact assessment procedures controls
  • What is meant by environmental impact assessment and what are its objectives?
  • Components of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA Procedures)
  • Screening
  • Determine the scope of the study
  • Preparing an environmental impact statement report
  • Environmental Impact Statement
  • The report includes basic elements, the most important of which are:
  • Description of the proposed project and its alternatives
  • Describe the environment, community and those affected
  • Determine potential environmental impacts Impact Prediction
  • Determine measures to prevent or mitigate potential environmental impacts
  • Environmental monitoring Plan
  • Reviewing the environmental impact statement report
  • Decision making (environmental approval)
  • Auditing and monitoring effects
  • Recommendations (submitted to the Assembly and then to the Supreme Council for the Environment to improve performance)


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