Training workshop on Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE)

The Sudanese National Academy of Sciences (SNAS) is dedicated to promote Science excellence in Sudan for the benefit of Sudanese society. One of the specific strategic objectives of SNAS is to improve quality education and increase public awareness on the positive impact of Science on development. From the 21st of March to the 23rd of March, SNAS, in collaboration with the Regional Office of UNESCO in Cairo, organized a workshop for training of science school teachers from the different States of Sudan on Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE).The National Commission for Education, Science and Culture and the STEM-Sudan Initiative were actively involved in organizing the workshop. Thirty one Science school teachers and 15 STEM volunteer trainers attended the workshop. Trainees were issued certificates of attendance signed by the General Director of UNESCO - Cairo Regional Office.

The IBSE is an innovative teaching pedagogy that calls for the active participation of pupils in the learning process through maximizing children's natural curiosity, identification of problems, possible explanations or solutions, hypothesis to be tested, design of protocols to be tested involving several choices, the actual investigation, confirmation of the assumption, structure of knowledge in response to the questions raised and comparison with established facts.

A major outcome of this project is dissemination of IBSE pedagogical approach in institutions of teachers training.

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