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Research Training Fellowship for Developing Countries Scientists (RTF-DCS)

1.        The NAM S&T Centre invites applications from the scientists,
technologists and engineers of the developing countries for the award
of Fellowships under the ‘Research Training Fellowship for Developing
Country Scientists (RTF-DCS)’ scheme for the year 2016-17. The RTF-DCS
Programme aims at capacity building of the developing countries in the
fields of Science & Technology through the affiliation of their
scientists with Indian scientific and academic Centres of Excellence.

2.        The salient features of the RTF-DCS programme are as under:-

 (i)  No. of Fellowships: 50

(ii)  Duration of Fellowship: The Fellowship is for a period of six
months. Therefore the interested applicants must be absolutely certain
about their availability for six months, if selected for this

(iii)  Broad Disciplines, in which Fellowship are available:
Agricultural Sciences; Biological and Medical Sciences; Chemical
Sciences; Physical Sciences and Mathematics; Earth Sciences;
Engineering Sciences; Materials, Minerals and Metallurgy; and
Multi-disciplinary & Other Areas.

(iv)  Eligibility Conditions: Scientists/researchers from any
developing country (except India) below 40 years of age (as on 1st
January  2016) and possessing at least a Post Graduate Degree in any
Natural Science subject or an equivalent degree in Technology /
Engineering / Medicine / allied disciplines.

(v)  Financial Terms: Full financial assistance to the Fellows,
including (a) round trip international airfare by excursion/economy
class, (b) a monthly Fellowship amount of Indian Rupees (INR) 35,000
[about US$525 at the current exchange rate] (non-taxable) to cover
accommodation, meals  and  other miscellaneous expenses and (c) a
one-time grant of INR 30,000 [about US$450] for research contingency
and domestic travel, including airport transfers, visiting research
institutions, attending scientific events and field-trips within
India, subject to the approval of the research supervisor. The Indian
host institutions will also be suitably compensated for their services
for implementation of the programme.

3.        Detailed guidelines of the Fellowship scheme are given in
the attached Announcement Brochure.

4.        To prepare the proposal, the applicants should carefully
study the material available in these guidelines.

It is advisable for an applicant [though not mandatory, but may be
useful for his/her final selection/placement] to make a prior contact
with a concerned Indian scientist or an institution in India where
work is in progress in the area of interest to the applicant, and
obtain consent that he/she, if selected, will be accepted to work in
the institution on the proposed research project. A copy of the
consent letter, if available, should be enclosed with the application.

A suggestive list of Indian academic and research institutions has
been enclosed with the Announcement, but the applicant is free to
contact any other institution in India about which information may be
gathered either through Internet search or other means.

5.        Application should be submitted to the NAM S&T Centre in the
prescribed format (enclosed with the Brochure). Only electronic
communication will be accepted. Therefore the filled-in application
form and other enclosures as listed in Section-VIII, Para-1 of the
Brochure should be sent as attachments to an e-mail addressed to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., after scanning the documents wherever required.

Please do not send us hard copies of the application or any other document.

6.        Selection will be made by a High Level Selection Committee
based on the quality of the research proposal submitted by the
applicant and his/her academic merit.

7.        The last date for submission of completed application form
along with required enclosures is Friday, 17th June 2016.


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