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The book "The new physics revolution"  has been published by (, Germany.


By Prof. Elsheikh


The new physics revolution concerns the physics of life that explains why living systems are self-organizing, self-evolving, intelligently designed and purposeful? It is about the life-organizing principle which generates bio-intelligence, unifies ontogeny and phylogeny, bridges the gap between ordinary physics and biology, and admits limiting transition to linear reversible quantum mechanics. To accomplish these results I have adopted and substantiated:


[1] Schrödinger’s view that the new physics of life is nothing else than the principle of

quantum theory over again.

[2] Bohr’s view that the distinction between living and nonliving systems is fundamental and a manifestation of his principle of complementarity.

[3] Elsasser’s view that any substantial conceptual innovation occurring in the passage

from theoretical physics to theoretical biology must be such that it leaves laws of

quantum mechanics invariant

[4] Barbara and Shapiro experimental findings according to which living systems are

self-organizing and self-evolving.

 The new physics of life substantiates the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis and Natural

Genetic Engineering by revealing the mechanism and natural forces underpinning

their basic assumptions and associated processes, i.e., reciprocal causation and

organism centered perspective.


Key words

Quantum bio-information field; Bio-information oscillations; Schrodinger system; Biointelligence law; origin of bioinformation; evolution




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