Prof Asim CV

 Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Name: Asim Ibrahim El Moghraby

Date of Birth: 10 October 1943            

Nationality: Sudanese



Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained

Date obtained

University of Khartoum, Sudan

PhD in Zoology (The Zooplankton of the Blue Nile)


University of Khartoum, Sudan

BSc (Hons)


Other Training

Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management and Protection, Technical University of Dresden, German Democratic Republic, 1980

Attended various courses in watershed and wetland management, EIA, PRA, pollution, land use, conflicts over natural resources, climate change, biodiversity, sustainable development, and linking science with community-based activities.



Membership of Professional Associations

-     Research Fellow, the University of East Angelia, the UK

-     Executive Steering Committee Member, Sudanese National Academy of Sciences (SNAS) and the chair of its Environment and Climate Change Committee.

-     Executive Steering Committee Member, Nile Basin Discourse (NBD, 2003-2011)

-     Chairperson, Sudanese National Discourse Forum (SNDF, 2003-2011).

-     Member, Sudanese National Council of Water Resources

-     Member, Technical Steering Committee of the Micro Grants Project of  NTEAP (Nile Trans-boundary Environmental Action Program on the Nile Basin Imitative, the NBI)

-     Member, Regional Advisory Environmental Group of ENTRO (Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office of the NBI)

-     Member, Higher Council of the Environment and Natural Resource Technical Committees (HCENR)

-     Member, UN committees on Climate Change, Biodiversity, and RAMSAR, as well as the Capacity 21

Programme, and the Dinder National Park; and Chair of Water Resources at SECS

-     Chairperson, National Wetland Policy Committee

-     Member, International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA)

-     Member, Sudanese Man and Biosphere Committee, and of the IUCN - Species Survival Commission

-     Member, International Society of Applied and Theoretical Limnology (SIL)

-     Member, Regional Advisory Group on Wetlands of ENTRO (Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office)

Member, NILEWET committee

-     Member, Board of Directors of the African Amateur Swimming Association (CANA)


Countries of Work Experience

Sudan, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, D.R. Congo, Ethiopia, Eretria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordon, Egypt




















Employment Record

From – To (year)


Positions held

1992 - Date

Independent Consultant

Independent Consultant

1990- 1992

Graduate College, University of Khartoum


1985- 1992

University of Khartoum

Professor of Ecology

1988- 1990

Institute of Environmental Studies (IES)

Training Coordinator

1980- 1988

Institute of Environmental Studies (IES)

Coordinator, Freshwater Ecosystem Management

1980- 1985

University of Khartoum

Associate Professor

1980- 1982

Institute of Environmental Studies (IES)

Acting Director

1974- 1980

Hydrobiological Research Unit (HRU)


1972- 1974

Hydrobiological Research Unit (HRU)


1966- 1972

Hydrobiological Research Unit (HRU)

Senior Scholar


Over 80 papers in International peer reviewed journals in addition to four books and five short documentary films. I have attended a number of International workshops, seminars and symposia, in the five Continents and often invited as a keynote speaker.  


In recognition of various contributions the Editor in Chief of the prestigious journal Hydrobiologia the renowned limnologist Prof.Henri Dumont named a new species; Tropodiaptomus asimi  (a planktonic clanoid Copepod) in my honour. After a successful physical intervention by which a major wetland, in Dinder National Park, was revitalized the feeder channel was renamed as ‘Khor Asim’, by the Park’s Authorities.

Other Affiliations

 I am on the Board of Directors of Sudan’s Journal of Science,  Agriculture Journal, and on the Advisory Board of Sinet, an Ethiopian Journal of Science. I have been guest editor of Hydrobiologia 110 (1984). I have written numerous reports, memos and concept papers; presented papers at many local, regional and international conferences, workshops and seminars; and supervised and examined substantial numbers of students at the honours, masters and doctorate levels. Moreover, I have often been quoted in the international media, for example National Geographic of February 2003, Belgian Television in 1985; the BBC in 1983; and Jacques Cousteau’s film series of 1979.


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